Living in Yogyakarta

People and Habits

Yogyakarta is known as the “Student City” since there are so many public and private universities. That is why a large number of people from all over Indonesia come to Yogyakarta to get a better education. As a result, Yogyakarta is considered to be a multicultural city as the diverse people come together bringing their own cultures with them from their hometowns. In Yogyakarta, people are famous for their warmth, hospitality, and their smiling faces. You will love how they smile a lot at you.

In terms of the dress code, generally, people in Yogyakarta do not wear tank tops, hot pants, or miniskirts in public areas especially in offices, governmental institutions (e.g. Immigration Office), educational institutions, and religious places since it is considered disrespectful. Also, do not wear shorts or sandals when you go to such places. Collared shirts, knee-length skirts, trousers, and shoes will be acceptable. Jeans will be fine as well. Try to adjust yourself with the local dress code so that you can blend in well with the local people.