Studying in Sanata Dharma University


Sanata Dharma University has centers to enhance the quality of education. These centers focus on various fields of study.

This center provides courses to learn Asian languages such as Indonesian, Javanese, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

This center stimulates, enhances and documents the Faculty of Letter’s research on language, literature, and history, and also focuses on dealing with services for the public.

This center aims to accomplish academical and social responsibilities in the research and writings about democracy and human rights.

This center was established to build knowledge and the application of theories and models of communication and cultural psychology.

This center focuses on conducting research and studies related to the development of individuals with special needs.

This center provides services, such as psychology tests, assessment, counseling, training, and organization development.

This center is concerned with education development by conducting research, studies, and educational innovations.

This center educates community members to be able to converse energy, integrate the eco-friendly technology applications in the community, and deal personally with environmental issues.

This center facilitates lecturers and students in conducting vibrant and innovative research on developing smart technologies which are environmentally friendly.