Sanata Dharma University aims to educate the youths by integrating academic excellence and humanistic values rooted in the universal Christian values and humanity as stated in Pancasila (the ideology of five principles), so that the youth would obtain academic abilities in accordance with their major and high integrity.


Becoming a humanistic and excellent seeker of truth for the promotion of a better society.


  • Administering a holistic education system that integrates academic excellence and human values through personal-care-oriented, dialogic, pluralistic, and transformative approaches;
  • Cultivating a scholastic community who respects academic freedom and intellectual autonomy, values interdisciplinary cooperation, fosters the deep in preference to the broad scientific insights in striving for truth by way of education, research, and community service; and
  • Enlightening and sharpening the mind of the society through scientific publication resulting from activities in education, research, and community service, by encouraging cooperation with diverse collaborators with common visions and concerns, and by empowering graduates to develop tangible commitments in the society.