Immigration Regulations

Immigration Regulations

Immigration regulations are the requirements that must be met by the prospective foreign students who will study at Sanata Dharma University. The prospective foreign students, either regular or short course, must have a permission form described as follows:

Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) or Sociocultural Visit Visa (VKSB)

The required documents are able to be submitted in two ways: Online and Offline.


Online with Limited Stay Visa (vitas).

Done when students are still in the country.

Terms of filing cavity (uploaded online):

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendation Letter from Related Agencies
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Health Certificate
  • Balance Accounts Certificate (min US $ 1500)
  • Passport (full)
  • Official Photograph
  • Law and Employment here
  • Permit for study from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (there are requirements that must be applied to get a study permit, conducted by the SDU)


  • All file requirements are emailed to the Bureau of Cooperation and International Relations (BKHI) SDU:
  • Use format: .jpg
  • Submission of visas made by BKHI
  • Requirements of Social and Cultural Visit Visa (VKSB)
  • Application letter of Social and Cultural Visit Visa (VKSB)
  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Acceptance Letter


  • All letters should be addressed to the Indonesian Representative Office nearby, by foreign student candidates, after communicating via email at:
  • Upon arrival in Indonesia, concerned students shall immediately report to the International Office, in order to take care of Visit Stay Permit (ITK) and Limited Stay Permit (ITAS)

Study Permit from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia

The required documents for this type of visa are able to be submitted via online.

Requirements of filling a study permit (sent via online to address

  • Valid Passport
  • Complete Curriculum Vitae
  • Photo
  • Final Diploma
  • Application Letter for Study Permit
  • Health Statement
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Law and Employment Declaration
  • Acceptance Letter

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