Studying in Sanata Dharma University

Courses List of English Language Education

The curriculum overview can be seen in more detail here.

Odd Semester | July – December



Basic Grammar in Use

Basic Listening and Speaking

Basic Reading and Writing

Religious Studies

Advanced Listening and Speaking

Advanced Reading nd Writing

Advanced Grammar in Use

Introduction to Linguistics

Psychology of Learning

School Management


Prose in ELT

Basics of Guidance and Counseling

Digital Learning Media Development

Micro Teaching

Standardized Test

Play Performance

Creative Writing

Service Program Design

Cross Cultural Understanding

Research Proposal 

Statistics in ELT*

Distance Learning*

Qualitative Data Analysis*

Textual Grammar*

Introduction to English Sociolinguistics*

Introduction to English Morpho-Syntax*

Mass Media Communication*

Register Translation*

Simultaneous Interpreting*

Korean Language*

Mandarin Language*

( * = Elective Courses)

Even Semester | February – June

Book Report

Introduction to Educational English Literature

Intermediate Grammar in Use

Intermediate Reading nd Writing

Intermediate Listening and Speaking

Bahasa Indonesia

Introduction to Education

Teaching Methods and Conventional Media

Learning Program Design and Assesment

Drama in ELT

Grammar in ELT

English for Young Learners

Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology

Theology / Philosophy of Morale

Civic Education

KKN (Community Service Program)


Research Methods

Theories and Practices of Translation

English for Specific Purposes

International Curriculum*

Discourse Analysis*

Approaches to Literary Criticism*

English for Creative Industry*

( * = Elective Courses)


Research Paper

Published Article


Introdcution to BIPA Learning*


Poetry in ELT*

( * = Elective Courses)