Sanata Dharma Hosts International Conference on Environment and Poverty

Sanata Dharma University (SDU) hosted “The 3rd APTIK International Conference on Poverty and Environment on Human Sensitivity: Justice, Solidarity, and Open Vision” organized by the Association of Catholic Universities (APTIK). The conference focusing on the environment and poverty was held on Friday, 8 September – Saturday, 9 September 2023 starting at 08.00 WIB. This conference was held in a hybrid method at Campus II of SDU (Central Building and LPPM Seminar Room) and via Zoom meeting. The conference, which 80 participants attended, presented 7 speakers from various international institutions to convey their thoughts on justice, solidarity, and an open vision and their relationship to environmental problems and poverty in society.

Through the theme “Human Sensitivity: Justice, Solidarity, and Open Vision”, APTIK intends to place human sensitivity on issues of justice, solidarity, and open vision as a priority. Based on the practice of injustice which is increasingly uncontrolled, solidarity which is increasingly being eroded by the times, as well as the vision and open thinking needed by each individual to overcome environmental problems and poverty, APTIK wants to show concern for community problems and invite all conference participants to understand the importance of justice, solidarity, and an open vision for the development and progress of a better world.


Dr. Agustinus Prasetyantoko, a representative from APTIK, said that this third APTIK international conference was the embodiment of APTIK’s academic mission and vision.


“Not only deepening knowledge, APTIK also hopes that this conference can inspire us to take steps to address environmental and poverty issues that are currently occurring. We hope we can all optimize this forum and increase our sensitivity to justice, solidarity, and an open vision,” added Prasetyantoko.

Meanwhile, the Rector of SDU, Albertus Bagus Laksana SJ, said that this was an honorable opportunity given to Sanata Dharma to be involved in overcoming environmental issues and poverty also restoring human dignity.

“This international conference is in line with our commitment, namely, to uphold human dignity and work for the common good in an increasingly complex and changing world. This conference is proof that USD always strives to support and uphold human dignity, as well as solve issues that occur in society. “We are confident that this discussion will produce beneficial results for all of us,” he said.

The third international conference organized by APTIK was attended by 80 participants from various higher education institutions in Indonesia. Apart from that, this conference also invited seven speakers from various international institutions to present material on justice, solidarity, and an open vision and their relationship to environmental problems and poverty in society. The seven speakers include Sylvia Halim (Deputy of Facilities and Infrastructure Nusantara Capital Authority, Indonesia), Pedro Walpole SJ (Eco Jesuit, Philippines), Iping Liang (National Taiwan Normal University), Ego Lemos (Ezekutivu Director Permaculture Timor Lorosa’e, Timor Leste), Alb. Bagus Laksana, SJ. Ph.D. (Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia), Dr. Prasetyantoko (Unika Atmajaya Jakarta, Indonesia), and Chitra Sankaran (National University Singapore).


The speakers above filled the plenary sessions on the first and second days. In addition, 25 selected papers from a number of participants were also presented in parallel sessions.


(TPP/DKS/CSNC – Humas)
(Translated by VEF/NHSA – IO)