KSU Teaching Practice: 4 students of Kyoto Sangyo University Practicing Internship in SDU

Sanata Dharma University (SDU) welcomed four students from Japan to implement teaching Japanese courses through the collaboration program with Kyoto Sangyo University named KSU Teaching Program. During two weeks in Yogyakarta, the four students practiced their teaching skills by observing the teaching activities on the first week and practicing on the second week. This year, the KSU Teaching Program was held in two periods.  

In the first period, Kyoto Sangyo University sent one student, Ren Hamamura, who came at the end of last March. His first week in Yogyakarta, passed by attending and observing the Japanese course at Gadjah Mada University and Sanata Dharma University. The next week, Ren objectified his teaching in both universities. Ren’s presence in the class improved the student’s enthusiasm who attended in the class.

Meanwhile, in the second period, there were three KSU students sent to join the KSU Teaching program, which are Chie Aoyama, Yuna Koizume, and Mei Iwamoto. The students arrived at Yogyakarta International Airport at the end of last August. Slightly different from the previous period, this teaching practice was only held in one university, Sanata Dharma University. The students teach Japanese courses in the English Letters program and scheduled to teach two times a week on Monday and Friday. During two weeks in Yogyakarta, the students got experience and new friends. Enthusiasm from the students against the presence of Chie, Yuna, and Mei is very high. They are so active in asking and joining the study program.


“I feel so happy to come to Indonesia and Sanata Dharma University, studying Bahasa Indonesia and converging with new friends, and I hope I can go back again to Indonesia to meet my friend,” said Chie on her last day at Sanata Dharma University