International Research

Research Focus

Research at Sanata Dharma University are managed by the Center of Research and Society Service. It guarantees the quality of the inputs, the process, and the outputs of the research. The research contains strategic issues done at the faculties and study centers in Sanata Dharma University. The focus field of featured researches during 2016-2020 were:

  • Cultural Diversity, Religion Radicalism, Environmental Damage, and Poverty as the Challenges of Church and Society;
  • Degenerative Disease, Cancer Disease, and Natural Medicines;
  • Transformative Educations for Improving the Competitiveness of Nation in Digital Era;
  • Renewable Energy, Nature Preservation, and Information and Communication Technology Development;
  • Economic and Business System Development that Prioritizing the Increasing Human Dignity Targeted on Marginalized and Neglected Society, Micro Business, Small Micro Medium Enterprises and Center of Microfinance;
  • Integration of Nation and Cultural Struggle;
  • Population Explosion, Uncontrolled Birth-rate, Unwanted Pregnancy, and High Maternal Mortality Rate;
  • Language Studies Contribution, Literature and Culture on Welfare Improvement, Tolerance, and Environmental Conservation