Faculty of


The Faculty of Economics develops students’ skills and characters to prepare them to become faithful and honest professionals and experts in the fields of accounting, management, and economics. It is also expected that the graduates will be ready to cooperate with various parties and dare to stand up and fight for truth and justice in order to uphold our inherent human dignity. The graduates will become people “for and with others.” Therefore, the graduates will have strong solidarity with others through caring for the challenges of Indonesian nationhood (the spirit of unity in diversity).

Career Outlook

The graduates of the Faculty of Economics can become internal accountants, public accountants, auditors, managers, economists, economic analysts, business managers, or NGO managers in government, private, and independent (entrepreneurial) institutions.

Offered Programs

Undergraduate Programs
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Economics
Graduate Program
  • Master of Management
Profession Program
  • Accounting Profession