ASEACCU Conference

Outbound Non-Credited Program

The Association of Southeast and East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEACCU) is a regional catholic university association in countries within the geographical area. The purpose of this program is to promote catholic higher education and to be a support for the local Churches and contributing to educational dialog on an international level beyond the Southeast and East Asian regions. It is a yearly conference gathering Jesuit Universities within Southeast and East Asia.

ASEACCU Conference 2019

ASEACCU Conference 2019 was held in Sogang University, South Korea, from 19-23 August 2019.

ASEACCU Conference 2023

ASEACCU Conference 2023 was held in Saint Louis University, Philippines, from 21-26 August 2023.

Find the previous report:

  • Active students of SDU semester 3-8

  • Minimum GPA 3.00

  • Have a valid passport

  • Have a minimum English Proficiency score of TOEFL (477 for English Department) & (400 for non-English Department) or Duolingo (85 for English Department) & (65 for non-English Department)

  • In excellent health

  • Able to work actively in a group

  • Willing to pay the fees

  • Financial Guarantee Statement

  • Parents’ Consent Letter

  • Recommendation Letter by Academic Advisor and the Head of Study Program

  • Passport

  • TOEFL Certificate or Duolingo English Test Result

  • Medical certificate from a certified health institution

  • Academic Transcript

  • Tuition Payment list (taken from SIA)

  • Prepare the required documents.

  • Compile the required documents into ONE PDF FILE (no more than 100 MB).

  • Submit the compiled documents to the application form.

  • Fill the online application form.

  • Follow the selection process according to the schedule.

The following is an estimate of the costs to be paid by students:

1Flight ticket (Southeast Asia)Rp11,000,000
2Flight ticket (East Asia)Rp13,000,000
3Visa (East Asia)Rp1,000,000
5Program fee*Rp7,000,000
TOTAL (Southeast Asia)Rp18,500,000
TOTAL (East Asia)Rp21,500,000

Note: *SDU provides subsidy.