5 HAN University Students Participate in Exchange Program and PLP at Sanata Dharma University

Sanata Dharma University (SDU) welcomed 5 students from HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, through the annual HAN-SDU Exchange program. They will participate in a 1-semester exchange program and Pengenalan Lapangan Persekolahan (PLP) program.

The students are Thomas Bosman, Iris van den Boom, Nienke Elisabeth Roosmarijn Reinders, Joes Jinthe van der Burght, and Blodwen Everlien van der Ham. The orientation was conducted by the International Office and attended by Vice Rector IV, Caecilia Tutyandari, Ph.D, Head of the English Letters Study Program, F.X Risang Baskara, Ph.D, Representative of English Language Education Study Program, Rina Astuti Purnamaningwulan, M.Hum.

The orientation discussed several activities that the HAN University students will participate are including course discussions in the English Letters and English Language Education Study Program, immigration procedures, internship program, and introduction to the Sanata Dharma University campus environment. The students listened enthusiastically to the explanation during the discussion on the selection of courses offered by the two study programs. Immigration procedures were also a major focus of the orientation. The students received the necessary information to fulfill the administrative requirements and Limited Stay Permit required during their study period in Indonesia. The orientation also discussed the PLP program that will be implemented at Sekolah Budi Utama.


Apart from academic matters, the orientation also provided insights into campus life for the HAN University students through a campus tour. They were introduced to the campus facilities, the classrooms where they will take their classes, and the student community that they can join during their study period at SDU.


“I am very happy to be able to come to Indonesia, looking forward to my time studying here and trying new things about culture, food and more” said Iris.

Full of enthusiasm to start a new experience, the HAN University students are ready to start their journey at SDU. They are ready to explore a new culture, broaden their academic and non-academic knowledge, and create unforgettable memories during their stay in Yogyakarta.