Sanata Dharma Welcoming 3 Students under the KNB Scholarships

Sanata Dharma University accepted three students under the scholarship program KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang). The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology offers this program to develop countries overseas. This program aims to provide an opportunity for students from specific countries to continue their bachelor studies (S1), master studies (S2), and doctorate studies (S3) in Indonesia, which will be the first year for SDU to join this program.

The three students came from several countries, they are Yuliana Meneses Orduno from Mexico, Huzaifa Akmal from Pakistan, and Ndayisenga Jean D’Amour from Rwanda. Three of them arrived in Yogyakarta on the 2nd of September 2023. On the 4th of September, they attended the orientation held by the Head of Collaboration and International Affairs Bureau (International Office) to give them a brief overview of living in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, and SDU. The orientation was delivered by Yurisdixta Menavia, the head of the Head of Collaboration and International Affairs Bureau, staff, and the vice-rector IV, Caecilia Tutyandari Ph.D. The orientation also explains the immigration needed for their limited stay permit (ITAS).

The KNB students have to learn Bahasa Indonesia for one year at the Language Institute of Sanata Dharma University, and the year after, they will start to attend their regular study in their selected study programs. Yuliana Meneses selected Master of Cultural Sciences, Huzaifa Akmal selected Informatics, and Ndayisenga Jean selected Master of English Language Studies.

“I feel delighted to get this opportunity to study in Indonesia, especially Sanata Dharma University because I have joined another scholarship program in Indonesia and now, I am deepening my study on Indonesian cultures,” said Yuliana at the orientation.